Here is the breakdown of the fundamentals that I cover during a session. Each client’s session will be tailored to their own needs.

Entry, Apex and Exit

Mastering each section of the corner will be where you find the time you are losing. I will guide you on how to master each aspect of a corner and in return gain you the time you’ve been seeking.

Follow my Lead

I will lead you by doing slow laps and gradually increasing speed. While at the same time getting your mentally prepared with references that will allow you to maximize entry, apex and exit.

iRating and Safety Rating

Are you struggling to get out of the lower classes, is your irating taking a hit? Using my years of experience on iracing, I will teach you how to gain irating and safety rating fast.

Race Craft

Race craft is one of the most important aspects of being a complete driver. I’ll show you how to attack and defend, grow awareness with car communication on track and be mentally prepared while racing.
Check out the example below

This was during the PESCC (Porsche Esports Sprint Challenge Canada) race at Daytona. The draft was strong at the time and everyone was taking the defensive line to hold track position. This is where my thinking outside of the box came. If it doesn’t work, it's worth a try right?


Have a replay of a sprint race or a particular stage in a race that you would like me to dissect? I can identify where you are going wrong. While giving an honest opinion on your race craft skills and how to implement new techniques.


I use VRS (Virtual Racing School) telemetry software to study clients' inputs. It’s extremely user friendly and great for comparing data.

VRS telemetry - comparing brake traces with a client.
Comparing brake traces with a client. Client (in red dots) is braking at 100% and thus locking up on corner entry.