"Blake was great, professional, and highly knowledgeable. I was able to, with his help, not only do well but WIN my first race in a highly competitive league. Supremely talented." - Reid R
Blake made it easy to understand where I needed to improve his teaching and communication are excellent. My driving style has improved where I was able to get a podium finish in The Porsche Sprint Challenge Canada. I suggest the coaching to anyone wanting to reach that next level and have even more fun with sim racing." - Zoran Radosavac
"Just wanted to let you know that our session really inspired me. I was struggling mentally before that and wasn't racing because of how afraid I was of driving, and now I put the 4th fastest Q lap in GTE this week and reached 3k for the first time ever." - Peter S
Having worked with another coach I was very comfortable with I was a little hesitant to work with Blake. After 10 minutes of our first session I realized I made the right choice to give him a try. Simplicity, small changes, have helped me pick up time in two different cars due to his help. Def suggest using data along w the coaching! I will be using his services again." - Anthony C
"Blake has a very effective and efficient way of instructing. His ability to interpret and explain the telemetry accelerates the learning process. Highly recommend." - Mark F
"I'm an occasional racer and though I have been racing online for some time, that does not suggest I was effective by any means. So, throughout the years I had developed ineffective habits which I had unknowingly been driving around. All of these issues developed gradually and while I had the best intentions in attempting to learn on my own, one simply doesn't know what one doesn't know. Blake was recommended from a prior instructor, Wyatt Gooden, and Wyatt knows what he's doing so I trusted his suggestion automatically. I was needing guidance on fixing the gaps in my racecraft, getting better for my own sake and for those racing around me. All in all, I needed someone who was willing to help me understand the skills I needed to develop and the issues I needed to address for I am not a naturally gifted driver. Blake was fast and I was worried that I was a waste of his time. However, Blake patiently answered my questions, dealt with my less than consistent driving, and gave me well-founded guidance in a respectful manner more often than not showing me an example then allowing me the chance on my own. In my case, working with a fixed setup and a not so complicated car allowed him to see my bad habits right away. He encouraged me to first focus on going slower consistently, to get a feel why driving a corner one way or another was faster or slower, and left me with specific items that I had to practice. 10/10 on his instruction and 12/10 on his outright speed. Working with Blake is precisely what I need." - Tracy N
"In May 2019, I began my iRacing career, and right from the start, I placed a great deal of importance on completing races successfully and maintaining my Safety Rating (SR). Unfortunately, I lacked an understanding of the physics of driving, racecraft, and setups. As a member of Vulcan Sim Racing, I embarked on a quest to find solutions to these challenges. I tried VRS (setups, and telemetry data) and Coaching from Driver 61, but none of these attempts brought me closer to my goal. Then, Blake joined our team (Vulcan Sim Racing), and initially, I had no idea who Blake was. However, that would soon change. Blake offered me coaching, and in the intensive training sessions that took place between March 2021 and December 2021, he managed to elevate my iRating from around 2k to 3.6k. Blake assisted me, among other things, in preparing for IVRA and ARL league races and accompanied me in official races or reviewed replays afterward. Not only did he help with developing setups, but he also explained to me precisely why we should make certain changes and what impact they would have on the vehicle. In general, Blake's approach was very pleasant. As a non-native English speaker, I could understand Blake very well. Moreover, Blake was always available for a training session. Blake Townend significantly improved my iRacing skills, and I am incredibly grateful for his expertise and patience. With his support, I have become a competitive and confident iRacing driver. I can undoubtedly recommend Blake as a coach and mentor who can take a driver's skills to a new level." - Dominik F
"Blake has been methodical and patient with me. He works hard to be prepared beforehand which I deeply appreciate, digs into the data, and reminds me to be active in changing my driving style to get rid of bad habits. With him, I have been able to hit lap times I wholeheartedly thought I could not achieve. He is also flexible with what I need for that week, switching the coaching sessions to analyzing races to lead-follow. Even though I just started getting coaching from Blake, I went from 2.3k iRating to 2.7k iRating in a week where I could have easily gained more if I had time for additional official races. With his coaching I was able to have a pace that matched the top 10 in the VRS Endurance race at Okayama. If that's not a strong testimont, then I don't know what else is!" - Jaryd R
"I did a 90-minute session with Blake and in a very short time, he was able to assess my weaknesses. He's very clear and concise with his instructions, and process oriented rather than just focusing on the end result. He helps you dig into, and understand the data so that you can clearly see where and why you are losing time. By the end of our session I had cut nearly a second off my times. He gave me a short list of things to work on going forward, and I've no doubt I'll continue to profit lap time in the future. This is a bit like golf: many people spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on new equipment, trying to get better. Get lessons first. Save your money and book Blake for a few lessons. Your lap times will benefit greatly!" - Dan E